At 5 Star Day Nursery children are split into groups according to age and their stage of development, these groups are as follows:

Discoverers & Pre-Explorers

Explorers & Inventors



This is our baby room, aged from 6 weeks- 1 year. This room has everything your baby will need to thrive. The room has its very own nappy changing room, as well as a milk kitchen where bottles are prepared and sterilised. The Discoverers room has a black, white and red area, to help develop children’s sight, as these are the first colours they see. The room has areas defined such as the reading area, a soft area, and a messy and role play area. All resources are at the children’s level to make them accessible. We also have a designated snack area, where the Discoverers water bottles will be accessible at all times. In the corridor there is also a mirror and a chalk board to encourage exploration, and early mark-making.

discoverers room 5 star nursery oldbury
pre-explorers room at oldbury 5 star day nursery


Pre-explorers is our older baby room, aged from 1-2 years. It is split over two rooms, allowing children to make choices in regards to which room they would like to play in, which also allows time for free-flow. In these two rooms learning areas are clearly defined, and resources are on the children’s level allowing them to make choices for themselves. The children in this room have a set routine, but we do allow time for spontaneous activities. The children have their very own snack bar where they can help themselves to fruit and water through-out the day. We also have self-registration where children are encouraged to sign themselves in upon arrival. Again, in the corridor the children have mark-making opportunities.

Explorers 1

This is one of our toddler rooms, aged from 2-2.5 years. Again it is split over two rooms, allowing children to make choices in regards to which room they would like to play in, also allowing time for free-flow activities. Once the children reach two years old, we implement a more structured routine, encouraging independence and self-confidence into the children by giving them more choices, and chances to thrive. At this age, some children start toilet-training, which is conveniently located next door to the Explorers 1 room. Explorers 1 also has a snack bar which children help themselves to fruit and water, as well as mark-making opportunities in the corridor. Each area of learning is clearly defined in these two rooms, this enforces simple boundaries and a sound routine. The children know where all resources belong, as well as what is happening next through-out the day. These children also get homework once a month; which helps to strengthen our partnership with parents, as well as promoting learning from home.

explorers 5 star day nursery oldbury
explorers2 5 star day nursery

Explorers 2

This is our second toddler room, aged from 2.5- 3 years. In the Explorers 2 room, we have a good structured routine, to prepare these children for the transition from toddlers to pre-school. Again all learning areas are clearly defined and more boundaries are set, such as, a designated amount of children in each area, and using sand timers to give children 5 minute warnings until tidy-up time etc. We also have self-registration where children start off by recognising their picture, once they are confident doing this, we move onto recognising their name. Children have access to the snack bar, as well as the toilet area, as we understand children are still toilet training at this age. Explorers 2 spend some of their day doing adult initiated activities, with a good balance of fun, educational, and child-led activities too. Staff promote good manners, hygiene, diversity, equality and essential British values into the children’s daily routine.


The Inventors children are our Pre-School children aged from 3-5 years. Our Inventors children have a jam packed day full of educational activities, preparing them for school as well as child-led, fun and spontaneity. Inventors spend some of their day preparing for school by recognising their name, learning to form letters from their name, or actual words, mark-making using malleable materials, recognising shapes, numbers and colours, learning phonics, letters and sounds, scientific experiments and much more. The Inventors room leads out on the garden, meaning children can have free-flow indoors and out. The Inventors group have a very strong and structured routine, they have registration time in the morning and afternoon in which they talk about their feelings, sing songs, have stories, discuss the weather, look at the date, talk about time, and other educational topics such as recognising colours and numbers etc. The children also have a wind down time in the afternoon where they practise yoga. Again, staff instil good manners, hygiene, diversity, equality and essential British values into the children’s daily routine. This includes being open to others religions and beliefs, celebrating cultures, and embracing our differences. The room is arranged in an orderly fashion, where all areas are clearly defined, children are encouraged to share, take-turns, tidy-away their toys once they have finished with them, and adhere to the boundaries set in the Inventors group. When the Inventors children are ready to leave for school, we have a sound transition process in place to help them settle into their new setting.

inventors room at 5 star day nursery